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Hello, It's me... I was wondering if after reading this you'd like to meet...
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Harmony Molina

Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I live off of hazelnut lattes and The Office, but more importantly, I am a wife, a cat and dog mom, an older sister, an Interior Designer, and a photographer! I grew up in Olympia Washington and have continued to live in the PNW my whole life! Currently I live just outside of Portland with my little fam and work full time during the week as an Interior Designer in Tacoma. I have always needed creativity in my life and I consider myself a lucky girl to be able to support myself financially with my passions. Photography was my first love before I even knew you could be a designer outside of HGTV. I got my first camera in middle school and it was a magenta Canon Coolpix (anyone feeling nostalgic?) Since then I was hooked! I took classes through high school and college and even tried out some film photography. After a lot of trial and error I learned that photos are like music, really great images are created from emotion! I don't do posed photos with forced smiles. I would rather capture a raw moment that takes you back to what you were feeling. I get that it can be awkward to be photographed but please don't fret! My goal is for you to feel comfortable and for us to have a super fun time!


random stuff about me..
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