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Paradise at Mount Rainier | Hana & Bobby

JULY 14TH, 2019

Hana and Bobby are seriously the cutest!!! We had so much fun running around Mount Rainier, eating popcorn, and drinking too much coffee..oh wait nevermind that was just me.. We drove together from Tacoma to the Paradise area of the park and only got minorly carsick from all those curvy roads. Worth it because It was SUCH a beautiful day on the mountain! The clouds were only around for the first hour of our exploring and then the mountain was in clear view the rest of the day. Our last stop was at Reflection Lakes and oh boy was that the most gorgeous place ever! Wherever the water was still you could see the reflection of the mountain perfectly. And after a short break for a picnic a buck came over and hung out around us. Such a perfect mix of majesty and goofiness with these two. Hana & Bobby were such troupers and we almost made it to sunset but the mosquitos were INSANE. I am still recovering and I didn't even get the worst of it.. Sorry Bobby.. 

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