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Point Defiance Proposal | Joseph & Kat


Let me start by saying that I adore this couple! When Joseph approached me about helping him plan a surprise proposal shoot on their anniversary I was so thrilled I almost cried into my pho.. He had already done so much to make this day special for Kat, including a surprise engagement party afterwards with friends and family from all over Washington and Oregon! Like wow.. <3 He had this idea in his head of what he wanted the proposal to look like; rainy, walking through the town of North Bend (where they had their first date), their song playing in the background, maybe some romantic dancing, confetti, and the number one thing he wanted was for Kat to not see it coming in the slightest. And I was so here for that challenge! We had all the plans in motion and everything was going off without a hitch (pun not intended). But then the week of, things slowly started falling apart. Kat didn't seem to be on board for going all the way to North Bend on their anniversary just to take some photos "for my portfolio" (totally understandable lol). So two days before Joseph changed the plans to just doing it in Tacoma at another spot that held significance to them. We were doing so much preplanning on how everything was going to go, and after both of us scouted the location for how we could make it work, it just didn't feel right to him and I could tell. He was getting sooo nervous and starting to panic. Mostly over the fact that the beautiful custom ring that he was having made for her WASN'T DONE and he didn't find out until the day before *gasp*. And also it was starting to become such an elaborate plan that it was starting to feel a little forced. So late the night before Joseph called me with a new idea of going to this beautiful spot by Point Defiance in Tacoma and boy was I happy to change plans! I had them take a walk to warm up to the camera and during that walk Joseph was supposed to propose to Kat. I had their song playing and I was snapping pictures and trying to conceal the fact that I was ALREADY crying.. Then I see Joseph motion behind his back to stall since somehow they got into a deep conversation about boats instead of him proposing.. So I replayed their song and had them take another walk, this time he really did it, temporary ring and all, and I may have been ugly crying.. She was so happy she was literally jumping up and down! After that we had soo much fun popping champagne and confetti to celebrate them (don't worry we picked up every piece of confetti). To end their engagement shoot we went to go get ice cream and Joseph brought his yellow umbrella that he bought just for their proposal. Then they got to run through the fountain together which was so special because Joseph REALLY wanted to propose to her in the rain to recreate their first date! The whole shoot was full of so much laughter and dancing and telling strangers "they just got engaged!!"

Afterwards I went over to her house where her friends and family were waiting to surprise her with the sweetest engagement party <3 I left that party feeling so fulfilled, happy, and grateful that I got to be a part of such a joyous and beautiful day. These two are obviously meant for each other and there is nothing I appreciate and love more than genuine human connection. Joseph & Kat I am SOOO happy for you and I can't wait until you get married in a few short months! It's going to be here before you know it :)

Sweet words from the couple

Harmony is a true JOY! She not only helped my fiancé plan a last minute location change for my surprise engagement, but she made the whole day effortless and fun! She even utilized the location we were at and took photos at a few different spots so they were each unique and beautiful! I highly recommend Harmony if you want your pictures done with care and creativity!

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