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Cougar Mountain Wildland Park | Ashley & Tyler

Ok I just have to start by saying that Ashley and Tyler brought their doggo with them.. And thank you to both of them because he was such a good boy <3. They were also pretty great.. These two get married in September and they are seriously the perfect match. You can outwardly see the love they have for each-other! I barely even had to give them any direction at all, I would get myself into position and look through the lens and they would already be making out.. Like ok yass WERK IT! And they are not afraid to bust out some terrible yet amazing jokes which I love.. When NSFW jokes become totally SFW jokes.. We had a bit of a workout walking a few miles to what was supposed to be a waterfall... They were such good sports when we got there and realized it was more of a trickle since the river was dried up... We still found some really beautiful spots and even though we were in mid-day lighting, the trees did a great job of filtering the light for us. Ok so let's get back to their dog, Ceno.. He was the goodest boy! All you had to say was "wanna go outside?" And he would look right at the camera and smile for so long! Ashley and Tyler if you are reading this you should try him out for some movies or commercials! Also I have only seen one other dog jump as high as he can.. Very impressive.. Anyways.. I am counting down the days until I get to see these two lovebirds tie the knot!!


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