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Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding | John & Kim

I met John & Kim through my husband. And not to toot my own horn but my Danny tends to have AMAZING friends. And let me tell you.. John and Kim are two of the sweetest people I know! They are not only sweet to everyone else, but they are so sweet to each other. Every relationship has a different way of displaying love, but I adore the way these two love each other!

I remember being out in Seattle for Kim's birthday about two years ago and we had just told them about our own engagement. Kim was telling us how much she wanted to marry John but that she knew it would happen when it was supposed to. A couple of short months later John was telling Danny his plans to propose!! I LOVE love so you can imagine how excited I was to hear this.

I still remember getting the invitation for their wedding and as soon as I saw that recognizable Tolkien font I knew this wedding was going to be authentically them! If you are a fan of LOTR you might notice the aesthetic inspiration behind this wedding. The invitation stated that costumes were encouraged and boy did the guests nail it! Instead of flowers, they had old books and candle holders on the tables, and little tea lights hanging from the altar. Their cake was a massive donut with a sword through it! And all of the bridal party wore hooded robes down the aisle. It was so much fun to photograph this wedding! Everyone in attendance was so ready to celebrate these two and it made for a dance floor that was absolutely poppin off! And it was also an added bonus that my husband was a groomsman and anyone who knows Danny knows he can really getting the dance floor going...

We really got lucky with the weather too.. it was supposed to be pouring rain all day which forced the ceremony indoors rather than outside by the lake. But one of my favorite moments of the day was when Kim and her dad were walking down the aisle and the rain cleared up and let the sun shine in for the rest of the ceremony... Talk about a magical moment!

I really loved being a part of this day and getting to know more of John & Kim's family and friends. I got to take tequila shots with the bridesmaids, dance with my husband to our wedding song, become even closer with these two amazing people, and thoroughly embarrass myself on the dance floor (jumping up and down is significantly more awkward and difficult when you are wearing a double camera harness...).

So thank you so much to the newlyweds for letting me be a part of your day. May you have the greatest adventure in love together!


Wedding Venue: Lake Wilderness Lodge

Makeup Artist: Breanna Roll


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