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Moody Ruby Beach Elopement | Katie & JD

Let me tell you about the most PNW day ever.. Katie & JD reached out to me hoping to plan an elopement somewhere along the PNW coast. Together we landed on Ruby beach as the perfect spot, and from there the details kept coming together like a dream! Katie would send me updates about her plans to find a black dress (epic), how she would be baking a cake to bring (the most delish cake i've had in a long time), that they would be driving up in their camper van with their DOG! I mean could this day be shaping up to be any better?? I also got to commission a beautiful fall bouquet from a local Tacoma floral designer, Brittaney Hale with Wildflower & Co. (please check her out on Instagram she does beautiful work @wildflowerandconw_).

The day finally came and Katie and JD drove all the way from Spokane with their sweet doggo which is such a long drive! It was raining the whole drive up but, just as I rounded the corner and started to see the coast, the sun broke through the clouds in the most beautiful misty way and I have to say.. I almost cried.. BUT to be fair I was listening to Fleet Foxes.. And it also doesn't take much to make me cry.. sorry..ANYWAYS we finally met each other in the parking lot and I was immediately smitten with this little family! They are so down to earth and open for adventure, we took all of our stuff (which there was a lot of), hauled it down to the rocky beach and started setting out blankets and candles and cocktail shakers for later ;). They were so eager to get this thang going that they were ready to give each other their vows on the beach right away. Probably one of the most beautiful things to witness two people promising each other forever with the sun reflecting off the ocean and massive rock formations all around.

We spent the rest of the day running back and forth on the beach, trying not to get caught by the freezing waves that would literally come out of nowhere, sipping cocktails, eating cake in their camper, and having the best talks about love and life.

I felt so good after being around these two that on my way home i pulled over and just sat to watch the last of the sunset by myself and reflect on the day. It's couples like Katie & JD that make this job into a passion.

So cheers to Katie & JD on an incredible start to their forever. And may you always have epic adventures together!!


Floral Design: Wildflower + Co.


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