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Seattle Beach Anniversary | Shawna & Jay

JULY 6TH, 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Shawna in my first Interior Design job right out of college for about two years. At the time her and her then fiancé Jay were busy planning their Mexico wedding by ordering tiny maracas, getting freaky healthy, and even taking dance lessons! They have now been married for over a year and what do you know they still remembered all the steps to their first dance <3 Shawna & Jay are the easiest people to photograph because they not only are extremely photogenic.. but they also have such a genuine connection! They seem like such professionals at first but really they are GIANT goofballs (sorry to spill your secret guys). They are constantly making each-other laugh which makes for some of my favorite shots ever. Also Shawna has some of the best hair you'll ever see.. #mermaidvibes

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