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Backyard Wedding, Eastern WA | Maddi & Zach

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About a month ago I was given the opportunity to be a second shooter for Savana & Trey Mayfield of Mayfield Photo + Film. I had been swooning over their photos/videos since my friend Christie got married last year and Savana did her wedding! As you may know I have relaunched my business this year in an effort to focus more on what I love; LOVE! Weddings are such a big deal to shoot, the memories that a photographer captures are most likely a couples most precious memories they will have. With that said, second shooting is an important step for me warming up to this industry and I am so grateful to have met Savana & Trey who not only gave me this opportunity but have given me so much advice and encouragement on starting this journey! 

When we arrived at this beautiful venue in Ellensburg I was a bundle of excitement, which only increased when i saw all the COWS! Can you think of a more Eastern Washington wedding backdrop than a field of tall grass and cows?! During the ceremony a cow actually moo'd during a quiet moment and it gave everyone a good laugh. The whole day was such an amazing experience! My favorite moment was when we rushed the newlyweds out to the street to take some photos and the entire mood shift was so apparent. They had gone from being excited, quiet and nervous before the ceremony, to being SO joyous and relieved! Running through the street dancing, laughing, and kissing each-other, so happy to be finally married, and SO ready to get the party started! You really can't help but get emotional during these moments and it only made me love this job more. Maddi, Zach, their family and friends were so much fun to be around! Some of the funniest speeches I've heard at a wedding and definitely the best cowboy 2-step I have seen on a dance floor..

Thank you to Mayfield Photo + Film for bringing me under your wing to shoot this wedding, and thank you to the beautiful couple Zach & Maddi for throwing such a killer party! Congratulations !!!

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